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Reconditioned Rare Parts and Spares, Small misc. parts (nuts and bolts), Clutch kits / Parts, Brake parts, Disc pads/ Rotors, Cables / Valves / Tubes / Leads /Plugs / Hoses, Fuel / Water pumps, Caps, Clamps, Fan / Timing belts, Oil / Air / Fuel Filters, Fans, Gauges, Carburettor kits, Exhausts, Suspension, Oil / Coolants / Lubricants / Distilled water / Engine additives, Degreasers, Batteries and Auto Electrical / Regulators/ Charges, Auto lighting / Bulbs /Fuses, Engine Mounts / Gaskets / Sealants, Jacks and Axle stands, Door / Ignition Barrels, Tyre Repair kits / Tools / Accessories / Wheel Nuts, Paints / Body, Repair, Detailing / Cleaning, Mirrors, Window Wipers / Blades, Car Covers / Protection Accessories / Wheel Covers / Sunshades, Car Safety Equipment, Automotive Tools, Trailer Accessories, Security Systems, Stickers (custom), Framed Pictures, Car Manuals, and much, much more...

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We can get Dash Mats and Floor Mats made to order PLUS we can also help you with Seatbelts and Car Covers.

New Spare Parts

new car parts

Odin Auto Parts stocks a complete range of new spare parts for a wide selection of vehicles. We cover all major makes and models, and source our parts directly from the manufacturer. If you simply wish to purchase parts, we can help. Alternatively, our on-site mechanics can install your new auto spare parts for you. 

Reconditioning Spares

Two mechanics at work in Perth

We can have alternators and other important parts of your car reconditioned. Just bring in your spare parts and we'll bring them back to life. Our products are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they're reliable. When you buy spare parts from our team in Perth, you'll receive a part that will stand the test of time. 

Improved Performance

Mechanic places motor spares in Balcatta vehicle

Replacing a worn-out part can mean an instant performance increase for your car. If you've noticed that your vehicle is running sluggishly, using more fuel than usual, or simply doesn't feel right, consult with our team in Perth. We can provide quality spare parts that will improve performance and efficiency right away.