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buy fuel injection parts

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At Odin Auto Parts we sell high-quality fuel injection systems for a range of diesel and petrol vehicle makes and models. We offer competitive pricing, good old fashioned service, and the best quality fuel injection systems in Perth.

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Fuel injection systems are responsible for delivering the required amount of fuel to the combustion chamber – either directly or indirectly. Diesel engines use direct fuel injection – which put simply, means the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder that is filled with compressed air.

Petrol engines use indirect fuel injection, whereby a pump sends fuel from the fuel tank to the engine bay where it is distributed to each cylinder.

Diesel Fuel Injection Parts

Fuel injection systems involve a fuel pump and fuel injector. Diesel vehicles will likely have issues with their fuel injectors and fuel pumps between 150,000kms and 250,000kms. You may be able to reserve the performance of these parts if you regularly service your vehicle and use quality fuel.

Why Replace Your Fuel Injection System?

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When your fuel injection system is not working properly, it can affect other parts of your engine-including your turbocharger. If the injectors cannot supply the fuel demanded, this can lead to stress and wear on the engine. This ultimately causes driveability issues and costly replacements.

Why Do Fuel Injection Parts Fail?

Fuel injection parts fail for the following reasons:

Dirty or Clogged Fuel Injector

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Over time debris can build up inside the fuel injectors, which stops fuel from passing through. Fuel injectors can also become dirty when hydrocarbons and other additives present in the fuel can combine with carbon. This can reduce the effectiveness for fuel to pass through.

Leaking Fuel Injector

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The heat from the engine can eventually lead to the O-ring becoming hard and brittle. The O-ring is situated where the injector meats the fuel rail. If the O ring breaks, the fuel can leak out over the engine. The injector can also leak if the body or nozzle cracks.

Broken/Damaged Parts

There are many parts inside an injector, which can break over time due to wear and tear and lack of maintenance.

Signs Your Fuel Injection Parts are Failing:

Since fuel injectors are such an important component of any vehicle, it’s easy to tell when the part is not working properly. If a fuel injector is clogged, worn or broken, it will starve the engine of fuel. If you notice any of the below signs it’s likely you need to get them serviced or buy new fuel injection parts.

  • Engine idling/stalling
    • Uneven supply of fuel can lead to a shaky driving experience
  • Difficulty starting your car
  • Loss of power
  • Knocking sounds
  • Excessive black smoke
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency

Mechanical Workshop

At Odin, we offer the convenience of a mechanical workshop on-site to install your auto parts. If you suspect your fuel injection parts are failing, we use the latest technology to diagnose problems with heavy-duty, light automotive and petrol fuel injection systems. A fuel injection service could see you back on the road in no time.

In the case that the parts need to be replaced, when you buy fuel injection parts from Odin, our trained technicians can fit the part for you.

Range of Fuel Injection Parts

At Odin, we have a large range of petrol and diesel fuel injection parts to fit all makes and models. If in the unlikely case that we do not have the part you need, we will source it for you using our extensive supply network.

Quality Guarantee

When you buy fuel injection parts from Odin, we guarantee its quality and suitability. Whether it’s a new auto part or a reconditioned part, we ensure the part is compatible with your vehicle.

Buy Fuel Injection Parts

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