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Have you started a mechanical job and realised half way through you require a specialty tool to complete the work?
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Have you then found out the cost of the specialty tool you require to complete the work is too expensive?

Odin Auto Parts can supply you new tools at competitive prices from trusted brands such as Kincrome and Tengtools, OR we can HIRE you specialty tools that usually only mechanical workshops use to fit, install and remove parts from vehicles.

Tool Hire Includes:

  • Axel Pullers
  • Gear Pullers
  • Suspension Spring Compressors
  • Radiator Pressure Testers
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  • Oil & Fuel Pressure Gauge Testers
  • Large & Specialty Sockets
  • Torque Wrenches
  • AND many more
Odin Auto Parts experts will even give you some advice as to how to best use the tools, tricks of the trade you will not get elsewhere.
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When you HIRE a tool from Odin Auto Parts you are not forking out money for a specialty tool you may only use once or twice. Having the right tool will make the job easy, quick and save you money. Have peace of mind you can complete work on your car without delays, within budget and like a pro!

Call and enquire today about the tools we stock, specialty tools we can procure or tools we HIRE*

*Tool Hire conditions apply. Refundable deposit, Photo ID & payment for Tool Hire required.

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