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Turbochargers Perth

Turbochargers Perth

At Odin Auto Parts we sell high-quality turbochargers for a range of diesel and petrol vehicle makes and models including: 

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We offer competitive pricing, good old fashioned service, and the best quality Perth turbochargers. If you don’t wish to fit the turbocharger yourself, we offer the convenience of a Perth mechanical workshop with trained technicians to install your turbocharger. Plus, all turbochargers purchased at Odin Auto Parts come with a complimentary gasket set!

Diesel & Petrol Turbocharger Repair Perth 

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Our technicians are qualified and highly experienced in diesel turbocharger repair. Turbochargers consist of three major parts, the turbine, the compressor, and bearing system that supports the turbine shaft. In some cases, we may be able to replace a part within the turbo over installing a new one. 

Advantages of Turbochargers

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Turbochargers improve the efficiency and horsepower of cars. The addition of a turbocharger means that you are able to get more power out of a smaller engine without the need to upgrade. 

What Causes a Turbocharger to Fail?

Build-up of Debris 

Overtime foreign objects can enter your turbo such as dust, stones, dirt and leaves. The build-up of debris can cause damage to the compressor wheels and turbine blades, eventually wearing down the turbo.

Cracks or Faulty Seals

A turbo works by forcing air back into the cylinders. If cracks are present, or seals are broken, this will cause gas to be lost. As a result, the turbo will worker harder, leading to faults. 

Carbon Deposits

Old oil can contain contaminants that can damage your turbo. If the oil isn’t changed regularly, this can lead to a build-up of carbon deposits on the turbo. Service your car regularly to avoid this situation.

Turning off Engine too Soon 

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Another, less-known cause of turbo damage is to not let your turbo cool down after excessive driving. When the engine is turned off too soon, it deprives the turbo of receiving fresh oil. If you go on a long drive or have been driving at high speeds, avoid switching the engine straight off straight away. Let the engine idle to extend the life of your turbocharger. 

Normal Wear and Tear 

All cars experience wear and tear and all car parts have a life expectancy. Turbochargers typically need replacing at the 160,000km mark. Your turbocharger may last longer depending on your driving habits, the quality of the turbo, and the vehicle’s make and model. If your turbocharger has come to the end of its life, we can replace it with our quality Perth turbochargers.

Signs You Need a New TurboCharger:

It’s good to know the causes of failed turbochargers, but what’s more important as a driver is being able to identify the signs that it is failing. 

If you notice any of the below signs take your vehicle to get checked out. At Odin Auto Parts, our qualified technicians can supply and install a new turbo if required.

Loss of Engine Power:

The primary purpose of a turbocharger is to make your car more powerful. If you are losing power when accelerating, this could be because your car’s turbocharger is not fulfilling its purpose. Loss of power is a clear sign your turbocharger is on it’s way out.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke:

When a turbo’s housing cracks or if the internal seals have blown, oil can leak into your exhaust. When oil burns in your exhaust a blue/grey smoke is produced. If you notice this distinct smoke and heaps of it when revving your engine, it’s a sure sign your turbocharger is faulty. 

Noisy Operation 

We all love the powerful sound produced by a turbocharger. However, not all noises are good. When a turbocharger fails it will produce a loud whining noise like a siren. This noise is commonly caused by a loose pipe or failing blades within the turbo.

Check Engine Light (CEL)

Nothing makes you panic more than the blaring ‘check your engine’ light appearing on your dash. This light can be triggered for a variety of reasons, one of them being a faulty turbocharger. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and the CEL comes on, it’s likely your turbocharger is failing.

If you notice any of the above signs, Odin Auto Parts qualified technicians can help. Contact our mechanical repairs workshop to get your turbocharger accessed. If you would like to to know about our Perth turbochargers and diesel turbo parts, get in touch with our qualified and friendly staff.

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