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You know the feeling — something’s gone wrong with your vehicle, and you’re worried that it might be a major issue. Some car components are more expensive to repair or replace than others — the good news is, we can source automotive parts in Perth and the surrounding areas for our customers, and we always look for cost-effective solutions.

Variety of Spare Parts Available


Here are the 10 most expensive car parts that drivers typically have problems with.

  • 1: Transmission

  • The transmission is one of the most expensive car parts to replace, and depending on the age of your vehicle, it’s not always worth it. Our experts can advise you on the costs involved and, thanks to our supplier network, we can source the best value transmission for your vehicle without compromising on quality.

  • 2: Catalytic Converter

  • The catalytic converter converts fumes into harmless emissions — it’s expensive to replace, although it’s not a labour-intensive process. Our team can easily find and replace a converter for you before you damage any other components.

  • 3: Camshaft

  • Camshafts control engine air intake, and they’re vital. They most often erode because of skipped oil changes and problems with other nearby parts — that’s why servicing is so essential.

    Broken camshafts always need replaced, and we can source either new or reconditioned camshafts for all models.

  • 4: Fuel Pump

  • Fuel pumps supply the correct amount of pressure to your fuel injectors. They’re clogged over time by low quality fuel or general wear and tear, and older models are especially susceptible. Regular vehicle servicing means fuel pump issues can be identified before they become a major expense.

  • 5: Engine Alternator

  • The alternator supplies power to your battery. When it’s not working, it can damage your car’s sensitive electrical system. It’s expensive to replace, but we can source reconditioned alternators that are cheaper and just as effective as brand new parts. Reconditioned alternators are great when we’re working with older models and new parts are hard to find.

  • 6: Engine Block

  • If there’s one problem every car owner dreads, it’s engine failure. A “blown” engine means that the engine is so damaged that it can’t be repaired, or the repair costs may outweigh the value of the vehicle. Engines are very expensive to replace or repair, but we can source whatever your car needs to get it back on the road again — including quality reconditioned parts.

  • 7: Car Cylinder

  • When we see a broken cylinder, it’s probably because you’ve neglected to have your car regularly serviced. Cylinder problems are easily identified at your annual or bi-annual service — which is good news, since cylinders are one of the most expensive parts to repair.

    Our mechanical team can source and install cylinders for you if the worst happens.

  • 8: Air Flow Sensor

  • You should maintain your air filters and replace them at regular intervals, or you risk damaging the air flow sensor. This sensor measures the air passing through the engine, as well as how much fuel the engine needs. Unsurprisingly, this is a costly part to replace. If you’re concerned about your air filters, our friendly technicians can advise you what parts you’ll need.

  • 9: Brake Line

  • Brake lines deteriorate over time, which is why it’s so important to maintain your vehicle year round. Although we can sometimes repair or replace individual components of the brake line, replacing the whole part is often the safest and most cost-effective option.

  • 10: Hybrid Car Parts

  • The problem with hybrid car parts, including batteries, is how difficult they are to source. Hybrid parts are expensive and it’s not always easy to know precisely which part’s gone wrong. Luckily, Odin’s impressive supplier network means we can source the right hybrid car parts for all hybrid models at competitive prices.

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With our extensive network of suppliers, Odin Auto Parts sources and provides high quality automotive parts across Perth. To inquire about a particular part, or to find out more about our service offerings, schedule a phone call today to speak with one of our experienced technicians.